Name: Tamayura

Author: Yuki Ringo

Genre: Romance, Yaoi, Historical, Drama

Chapters: 5

Status: completed



“ An archaic for a fleeting moment. A warm atmosphere that is procured by the fleeting sound of small pebbles.”

First Impression 

At first, I didn’t want to read this manga because I’m not really a fan of the “Historical” genre, but given that I had nothing to do, I gave it a try and I can only say one thing *^* :

Thank God I read this masterpiece.

I remember the first time I read this manga I was at university and I actually cried (I’m probably emotional af). I decided to reread it a few days ago and this time I had tears in my eyes… seems like this manga has the power to make me emotional over and over again.


As the only son of a trading farm, Asakura Michitada enters the dormitory at an all-boys school. There, he is put in the same room as his childhood friend and the only person he could trust, Tachibana. But for Asakura, their reunion is something more complicated. 

(credit; mangarock)

At a young age of thirteen, Asakura sees his best and only friend, Tachibana, with a woman. Feeling betrayed, he cuts off all his contacts with Tachibana, he even leaves Japan. After 4 years, they reunite in high school as dorm-mates. They start to get close again and Tachibana tells him the truth between his actions. “I always loved you.” Hearing these words, Asakura starts to understand his own feelings as well. They both loved each other since the beginning but were afraid to admit. Tachibana tells Asakura his dream is to become an author. Before their love life getting started, it got to an end due to an earthquake. Tachibana went missing and Asakura who loved him dearly kept looking for him. He believed he was alive and kept looking. After years of searching, he finally found him. 



This is seriously a beautiful story. It’s heart-wrenching, depressing and sad, but very beautiful. I thought the ending would be bad for the two, but it wasn’t and I’m so freaking happy for them and me -even though it had a happy ending- I was still in tears. If it had a sad ending, I would’ve seriously harmed myself (jk). What I really like is how it shows how natural disasters shape the small lives and struggles of our characters. An earthquake changed thousand of lives. People lost their belongings and loved ones and a lot of Manga don’t really use such scenarios. 

The plot seems simple but grows into a story with an epic feel. Why the plot is simple? Because a lot of other manga, not only yaoi, show childhood friend fight to be together. The only different point this manga has is all the struggles our main characters go through. After reading it I felt completely empty and soulless. As I said, the plot is alike with a lot of other yaoi manga and the only difference was the earthquake that happened. Another thing that makes the plot alike other manga is that we see a noble character has to marry but he is gay so he can’t. So the wholesome of the story wasn’t anything new. Even though the plot isn’t anything new but Yuki-sensei, the mangaka, did a great job and each chapter made me want to know more. Yuki sensei is so good at giving such realistic weight to her manga that you feel each painful, happy step each character goes through. By every step, I mean every step. This manga was a rollercoaster of feelings. 

Tachibana loved Asakura from the beginning and since he didn’t know Asakura loves him back, he decided to stay away from him in his missing years so Asakura could have a normal life. Tamayura’s story pace is really slow. The first time I read the manga, I was confused because of the last chapter. After reading it again, I noticed it has two endings and I liked the second ending more. What I didn’t like is how mysterious the years of Tachibana’s missing went. All we see is that Asakura keeps delaying his marriage. I wanted to see more of Tachibana’s life. When they found each other again they decided to stay together even though the society was completely against it. One of the things I really liked about this manga is the quotes and how meaningful they are. I read them over and over.

❝I don’t know when my life will end, but I want to live on my own terms and when my time is up, I want to be able to say “It’s been a good life” and smile❞


The first thing that caught my attention was how detailed this manga was. Houses, clothes, etc. The anatomy of the characters, their hair and their expressions are drawn perfectly. The sceneries, characters, and backgrounds are drawn all beautiful. The lines look so smooth and it holds a lot of passion. Yuki-sensei art style has a calming vibe. I really like how she draws, especially the faces and clothes. Since the lines are smooth, they go perfectly with the sad and tragic flow of the plot. Another thing I noticed is that even background characters have well-drawn faces. Most of the manga I’ve read don’t have this feature. Mangakas usually don’t draw the background characters, such as classmates, faces. This manga has a female character who we see a bunch of times and she is drawn pretty well as well. I’ve seen yaoi mangakas who aren’t good at drawing female characters, but Yuki sensei did a pretty good job.


The characters are pretty plain and just like any other yaoi manga one gets bullied and the other saves him. Due to the slow pace, we don’t get to see a lot of details, especially about the characters. We don’t get to see a lot about the characters and how they really are. 

The other thing we find out in these five chapters is that Asakura fought for his love till the end and I seriously liked this part of his personality. The worse part is that we see Tachibana less than Asakura. We don’t see a lot about their past or life. The only thing I found out about Tachibana is that he is really kind and he helps everyone in need. That’s it and to be honest, that’s one of the things that pissed me off. There is smut yaoi manga that gets a lot of attention and even has seven chapters, but this manga only has five. We didn’t even get to know more about the side characters. One character that is very important in the plot, but we don’t really see him is Asakura’s friend. He helped Asakura and he had a huge part in his life but the Mangaka decided to not draw him as possible as it is. Another character that has a role in our main character’s life but we don’t see her a lot is the woman who loves Tachibana. Since we don’t see Tachibana’s missing years we don’t see her as well because she was the one who helped him out in those years. Due to all these, I rate the characters 5/10. 

Overall Review 

Overall this manga is amazing. The fact that it can move people and make them emotional makes it unique. This manga is really underrated. More people need to know about it. *^* I doubt many of Yaoi fans would have read or even heard about this manga.

The plot isn’t anything unique and we don’t see our character’s life but the art is amazing and character developments are pretty good.

I recommend this manga to people who like to read some fluff!

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