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Name: Nisekoi

Episodes: 32 

(Season 1; 20 – Season 2; 12)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Harem

Studio: Shaft

Status: completed


I decided to rewatch Nisekoi just because of an amv I saw on Instagram and it just reminded me how much I dislike this series.


Nisekoi follows high school students Raku Ichijo, the son of a leader in the yakuza faction Shuei-Gumi, and Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of a boss in a rival gang known as Beehive. They unexpectedly meet when Chitoge hops a wall and knees Raku in the face.

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Thoughts on first episode 

First, lets start on my thoughts of the first episode. 

In this episode, we are introduced to four characters: Raku, Chitoge, Onodera and Raku’s best friend. This episode starts off with a flash back of Raku and a mysterious girl. The girl gives Raku a pendant and they promise to marry each other when they meet again. Following the flash back, we see Raku; who is son of a Yakuza, but hates violence. So he isn’t planning to be the heir. Heir of the Shuei-Gumi. Then, we see Chitoge who jumps over the school’s fence and hits Raku’s face with her knees which leads to Raku losing his precious pendant. Following that, we see the other two characters, and due to all the blushing we find out Raku loves Onodera and she loves him back, but just like any other romance- harem anime they don’t have the slightest clue. All the cliche moments begin when Chitoge walks into the classroom and introduces herself, because she’s a transfer student. This episode had way too many cliche moments, if it didn’t have too much comedy, I would’ve dropped it. To give you an idea, allow me to list a few of the cliche moments that take place in the first episode alone. 

Cliche #1: Chitoge sits next to Raku in class. 

Cliche #2: They hate each others guts, and the teacher sets them up to take care of school pets.

Cliche #3: Chitoge is an awful Tsundere. I don’t hate Tsunderes, but she gets on my nerves a little too easily. 

Cliche #4: Girl is running late for school with toast in her mouth (aka Chitoge in this series.)

Cliche #5: Chitoge just had to be a gang leader’s daughter. 

Cliche #6: Raku’s and Chitoge’s fathers force them into a fake relationship to avoid a gang war.



The first season was far better than the second. The first season actually had drama and the plot; which evolved around the pendant. Season two felt like twelve episodes of ova. The second season didn’t have any plot and it’s like the pendant that Raku held onto so dearly was completely forgotten about. Thanks to that and more, I won’t talk about the second season here. Nisekoi’s story pace is really slow. 32 episodes and we haven’t seen any developments. The story is very cliche, predictable, and plain. At first, story seemed interesting, specially because of the unique start it had. The idea of a Yakuza and mafia group calling off the war because of their mister and mistress dating, seemed pretty cool, but later turned into an iconic “waifu wars”. 32 episodes of waifu wars?! That’s just boring! We don’t even get to see an ending for Pete’s sake! Each female character has a key, and in these two seasons we don’t get to see who has the real key. On top of that there are a ton of plot holes in this anime. One of which being: why the heck do these girls have keys in the first place? If the girl who promised to marry Raku is so damn important to him then why the hell has he forgotten all about her? He even goes so far as to forgot her name… If she was so important then that should’ve been impossible. Even I, who forget stuff easily, remember my kindergarten crush’s name. Another weird thing is that all of sudden a girl, Marika, appeared and said she is Raku’s fiancé. This happens in most romcom anime and to be honest, this was a bit too much. It just added another character to the waifu war. One thing I didn’t like about the story was each one of them transferred to the class Raku is in. That’s just got cliche written all over it.



At first, the characters were interesting and had some sort of depth, but they turned to be basic and annoying. The cast is pretty good, apart for Marika. The huge problem the characters have is that none of them had any DEVELOPMENT! There wasn’t any development even though this series has 32 flippen episodes. You wanna know why? Because of all the bath, beach and pool episodes. I personally like harem animes, but after watching Nisekoi I just don’t find any enjoyment in all the annoying characters and lack of plot. I’ll only write about the main characters so you won’t see Raku’s best friend and Onodera’s best friend here. I keep saying this anime is all about waifu war, but fans didn’t even care about Tsugumi or Marika. The whole war evolves around Chitoge and Onodera. To be honest, I didn’t see any “Team Marika” or “Team Tsugumi” and that’s just sad considering that it was supposed to be a waifu war. 

Chitoge Kirisaki

Our cute, hot and pretty good at sports transfer student who everyone falls in love with goes by the name of Chitoge. I seriously liked her design and demeanor. However looks can be deceiving, and she got on my nerves a lot. She plays her tsundere roll excessively by being overly mean and violent. Chitoge’s mom had high expectations for her so that made Chitoge a perfectionist and that’s why she has tried to excel in sports and academics. Putting aside her annoying tsundere personality, She’s actually really kind, and loves to make friends. I actually like seeing her kind and gentle side for a bit.

Kosaki Onodera

I liked Onodera’s character design. I particularly liked how kind she was to others, as well as always being willing to lend a hand to others. While the previous statement is true I really disliked how low her self esteem was. She always needed her best friend in order to think. One other thing that bothered me was how she repeatedly delayed her confession. Every time her best friend forced her to confess, she would get distracted by something and brushed it off like, “eh never mind”.  On top of that, whenever she saw a new girl drooling all over Raku, she just sat ideally by and smiled. Which isn’t too realistic. I mean come on girl! FIGHT FOR HIM!!

Seishirō Tsugumi

I actually liked her. Not only did her character design matched her personality, but her behavior was far superior to all the rest. Despite not having a key she still fell for Raku. I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked trap characters in anime and this cutie here is a trap with a capital T. The first time she appeared, she was introduced as a boy. She even masked her voice to uphold her masculine disguise. although we know she was a trap I was still disappointed when we found out she was a girl. After that her appearance changed. Her eyes, her boobs, her voice and the way she acts, everything we thought we knew about her changed. The only reason she fell for Raku was because he treated her kindly. That’s just cliche, but at least, she didn’t fall in love because of a key like all the other girls. Her cross dressing and masculine name were all  because she was raised as a male her entire life and said moving in male clothing was easier. In episode 14, we see her with long hair and, HOT DAMN, she looks amazing! I wish they showed off her girly girl appearance more often. Between all the girls, I liked her the best.

Marika Tachibana

The very first second she appeared on screen she started a fight. The only good she even did was help Chitoge notice her feelings and make her jealous, that’s it. Marika didn’t even have any character development. The only thing I found remotely appealing about her was how blunt she always was. She doesn’t hesitate to tell Raku how she feels, unlike Chitoge and Onodera. Those were her only good focal points, and even those got annoying. Despite how optimistic and calm she is, she can turn violent just as easily. Despite that I actually liked her violent personality. I found her violent personality far better then her girly one. 

Raku Ichijo

Just like any other harem protagonist he’s a complete airhead and doesn’t know the first thing about women. This makes him a pretty ordinary character. Raku is kind and considerate. He’s a hard worker and has a variety of skills. In the anime, it is shown that he is skilled at swimming and cooking. Putting aside his airhead persona, I really like his personality.

Honestly, his appearance isn’t anything flashy. The Mangaka, Naoshi Komi, has spent all of her time designing the girls. Poor Raku.


Art & Animation

The character designs looked pretty good. Adding to the cringe factor this anime brings “flowing hair” to a whole new level. Especially in places where it doesn’t make sense. ie hallways, classrooms, bedrooms etc. Another thing that got on my nerves was the fact everyone in this anime was blushing. And I’m not joking, I literally mean EVERYONE was constantly blushing. The Yakuza, the classmates, the girls, Raku, everyone. At first, it was cute, but then it became repetitive and annoying. This anime has too many comic style and bokeh backgrounds. Another thing that i didn’t like about the art are the background scenes, besides the comic style parts, aren’t that detailed. One minute it’s plain white and the next the bokeh background is there. Another thing that made me cringe was that it highlights their strange/ weird facial expression while they’re listening or talking. Putting all that aside, the animation is pretty smooth. One thing that caught my attention was that the color pallet would swap from pastel to the original colors randomly. It matched the story flow so, it didn’t really bother me all that much. Side note: The fact that the pendant was all in 3D really annoyed me. Their chibi style was also pretty cute at times. Overall I really liked the animation even though I would have changed some things personally. 



The openings and endings were alright, but they weren’t anything too special. I only listened to them the first time they were on screen and then for the rest of the series I skipped right to the episode. Between all the openings and endings, I found the first opening and ending to be the most enjoyable. The opening really suited the plot and the lyrics were actually really good.

❝Everyone slowly forgets something, 

no matter how important 

So can I entrust you for a bit 

with my memories of you? ❞

what I liked, about the first ending was the fact it was performed by the voices of the actresses of our waifus. 



In the beginning Nisekoi was pretty entertaining, but due to the fact the story never progressed, it turned the series into a pretty big flop in my opinion. Overall, season one was good, but season two was empty and had nothing to offer viewers. The ost, original sound track, wasn’t anything too memorable either. The story was weird and confusing, but it still had some decent moments in there. The only reason I continued watching till the very end was the comedy it presented. I admit, even though I found this anime extremely cringe worthy, it was kinda fun to watch. But in my opinion it isn’t an anime worth rewatching.

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