I haven’t seen any blogs about this anime, nor seen anybody talk about this anime. A few months ago I watched Mirai with two of my best friends and they both rarely watch anime. As weird as it is they both liked it and were like “Damn Japan makes everything interesting!” Watching this anime made me feel so many emotions; I laughed, cried, and sympathized with every emotion the main character felt. 



Name: Mirai

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Year: 2018

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes 

Type: Movie



A young boy named Kun feels forgotten by his family when his little sister Mirai arrives. Running away from home, Kun stumbles upon a magical garden that serves as a time-traveling gateway where he encounters his mother as a little girl and has a series of adventures with his baby sister, who is all grown up, opening a new perspective to a world he left behind.

(Source; Wikipedia) 



Before writing about my opinions I’m gonna write about the story. The story is about Kun, who is jealous of his little sister Mirai. He feels like his parents care about her more and he began hating his parents and sister. He wouldn’t accept that he is Mirai’s older brother and he has to protect her. One time he tried to run away and when he got to his house’s garden he noticed the tree is glowing and at that moment he noticed he went to a world meeting a mysterious guy. The guy starts telling Kun what he is feeling is jealousy and that he felt the same when Kun was born. At that exact moment, I noticed the mysterious man was the dog of the household. I was shocked! It was confusing and funny at the same time. Confusing because we couldn’t understand what was going on exactly. Every time Kun left the house and went to the garden, the tree would glow and he would meet another member of his family. Each time he learned something new and started to like his family and his little sister. Now let’s get to my opinion. I completely understood what this kid felt. My brother was born when I was 7. I wasn’t as young as Kun but I still felt horrible and jealous. Even now that I’m 19 I still don’t like him. I always felt he has stolen my parents from me and that made me start disliking him more and more. Everyone would say he is adorable, cute and lovely and I began feeling abandoned. All these stuff was shown in this anime which made me connect to Kun on a personal level. My most favorite part of the anime was the last 20 minutes. it showed Kun running away again and getting on a train. When he got to the station he noticed the operator is saying names and stating that lost kids and lost parents are waiting for them and Kun saw everyone found their loved one. He went to the lost and found and said he is the lost one. When the operator started asking questions he wasn’t able to answer them. He didn’t know the name of his parents and he wouldn’t name any other family member. when he answered the questions three times wrong he was about to be sucked in a train named loneliness which looked extremely terrifying. He kept trying to stay out of the train and saw his baby sister. Mirai was about to be sucked in the train and Kun forced her way to her and screamed “I’m Mirai’s older brother” when he accepted that he is Mirai’s brother he met Mirai’s older self again. Mirai showed her their ancestors and told him and Mirai that Kun needs to take care of her. I found these 20 minutes to be very emotional and amazing. At first, it was confusing and we didn’t know what was happening was real or if it was all in Kun’s head. We decided to go with the fact that all of this was his imagination since kids imaginations are extremely powerful. He imagined his family members and trying to accept Mirai as his little sister was pretty beautiful. This is one way to see this anime. Another way is that this anime even reminded me of “A Christmas Carol” because just like that animation, Kun traveled to past, present, and future with his grown up sister. Him seeing his families past, present, and future made him accept the fact he is an older brother. Since this anime reminded me of myself, it’ll be truly unforgettable for me. 



I can’t remember what their names are so let’s say the whole characters are: The father, mother, Kun, Mirai, and the dog. I’ll start with “the father”. If I ever marry I wanna marry someone like him. Every second of his screen time me and my friends were like “I WANT SOMEONE LIKE HIM.” not because of his looks/ design but because of his personality. After the birth of Mirai he decided to work from home and let her wife work outside. He learned how to change a diaper, feed the baby, take Kun to kindergarten, take them out, play with Kun, and most importantly work and do house work. Doesn’t that just show how much he loves his family!? He tried his best to help his wife and tried hard to make Kun feel loved. I really loved his character. Especially when he tried to teach Kun how to ride a bicycle. He reminded me of my own father; except for the fact both my parents worked (still work) 24/7, but even that never stopped my dad from helping my mom. Kun’s father is a true role model. I wish he had more screen time. Next up, the mother. The mom was shown to be extremely cold, you could argue that she was a bad mother. The way she talked to Kun. The way she acted kept making me and my friends say “WTF lady?!” What a horrible mother. But at some point I thought maybe that’s the way Kun sees her. As I said kid’s imaginations work differently from ours so maybe all the behavior she held towards Kun was exaggerated. Was she really mean? Or was all her behavior exaggerated because of Kun’s mind? I wish I was able to get a definitive answer to this. Up next let’s talk about the family dog. You may question why I’m even bothering talking about the dog? And that’s because at some parts we see him as a human in the anime. The first time he appeared as a human I was confused and didn’t know what was happening. But later with the way he talked and stuff, I noticed he was the dog. I still don’t know if he really turned into a human or it was all because of Kun’s imagination. He didn’t really have a personality cause even as a human he acted like a dog. All I know is, I found his character design extremely hot and attractive. Now onto Mirai, Kun’s little sister. I didn’t really get to know her personality but I did notice how cheerful, kind, and loving she was towards her brother. Old Mirai tried hard to make Kun like her and she even helped him to accept the fact he is a big brother. Her character design was pretty simple and nothing special but I did like her personality, even though I wanted to see more of her. Now let’s talk about our main character Kun. I found his character extremely annoying and tiring but he did symbol a kid perfectly so that’s not really a flaw. His character design was cute and I can say this anime did a great job on exaggerating how children’s minds work. 



This for sure gets a 10 out of 10 in my book. The art was just completely mesmerizing! The characters were drawn perfectly. The backgrounds were flawlessly and incredibly detailed! Everything was drawn to a certain degree of perfection. What I enjoyed the most was how fantastic the facial expressions were. Especially, Kun and Mirai’s expressions. They were exaggerated just like a real kid’s would be. I really enjoyed that detail. The art stunning through and through. I found the animations really smooth and I believe that they should’ve gotten some sort of award for it. The color pallet used in this anime were vivid and bright; which fit the anime to a T! 



The opening of this anime is by Tarsuro Yamashita, one of the greatest singer, songwriter, and musician out there. When this song started playing it took me back to the old days I actually wasn’t around. It gave me goosebumps. The music felt so nostalgic and it felt like it had been ages; but I checked and it’s for 2018 which makes this song way more special. I’m obsessed with the soundtrack and I keep replaying it. The rest of the OSTs were fascinating. Especially the one near the end of the anime, it made me tear up. 



Studio Chizu did an amazing job on this anime. The story was perfect and realistic (to a degree of course). The characters were interesting and the art looked stunning. This anime is way underrated and needs more love and attentio! So if you haven’t watch it, WATCH IT. I hope you enjoyed the blog ;3 

Bye Bye !!

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