They were in the flush of youth. They were in love that felt like a dream, like sparkling soda pop.

Kimia back with another yaoi blog. If you’ve seen my profile you’ll notice I’m a big fan of “Doukyuusei”. I’ve been in love with it since 2016 the year it got released and I’ve read the manga a bunch of times adoring them over and over.


Name: Doukyuusei

Genre: Slice of life, Shounen-Ai, romance

Episodes: 1 

(Duration; 1 hour)

Status: Completed



When two classmates with different interests meet, they fall in love.

(Source; Wikipedia)



As a yaoi fan I’m in love with any kind of Yaoi: fluff, smut or both. But in this case I fell in love with all the fluff these two characters showed me. I was surprised that the movie was a collection of short parts about the characters romance. Even though i wanted to see a continuous plot I still though the style fit the mood better. We watch from the beginning, when second-year student Hikaru Kusakabe, the blonde boy, notices during one practice for the school’s chorus festival that another student, named Rihito Sajou, isn’t singing along. After the practice while everyone was going home he forgot something in the classroom and when he went back he saw that Sajou can’t read music and notes. On a spur of the moment decision, Kusakabe offers to teach Saijou the song, and the two boys get to know each other better. That’s the main plot and the rest of the anime is their journey as a friend and later as a couple. One of my favorite part of the anime was their first kiss. The night right before the chorus festival, their last night of studying together, Kousakabe kisses saijou out of the blue and both of them panic, not knowing what to do or say and Kousakabe runs away. 

What I really liked about this anime was the fact that the mangaka, Asumiko Nakamura, didn’t destroy the happy ending and showed that any relationship can have ups and downs. Another part of the story I seriously liked was when Kousakabe’s band was playing their last show and a girl friend was trying to get close to Kousakabe. Saijou saw and ran away drunk. Kousakabe ran after him, hugged him tightly and kissed him telling him he is his number one.  I FANGIRLED!! This anime is heart warming and a must watch for everybody. 



other than our two main characters we see Kousakabe’s best fiend and their teacher Hara-Sensei. But they have a small amount of screen time so I won’t talk about them just know Kousakabe’s best friend is really supportive and I liked him. I struggled so much to write this section because I just didnt know anything other than their appearance. Before writing about each character I must admit this is something this anime lacked. This anime doesn’t introduce characters completely. As a person who loves characters with deep personality I had a rough time connecting to these characters. I’m gonna talk about each one separately. Let’s start with our cute blondie. Kousakabe, a blond hot boy who came out as gay first. His appearance was extremely attractive. Just think about it. A blond boy who is in a band, plays guitar and can sing. Anyone would go crazy about him specially us, Asians. Asians are famous for loving blondes, duh. now about his personality… I’m mostly empty. What I found out in this one hour, was he is outgoing, doesn’t like being attached and bossed around and I’m not really sure but he wants Saijou all to himself so he is the jealous type. Even though I didn’t find out much about his personality I adored one aspect of his personality and that was the fact he has no idea what he is doing in life. Just like any other teenager, young adult or adult he is confused about his future and that made his character so damn interesting. Next main character: Saijou. A nerd who loves to study and just like Kousakabe is the jealous type. I found out less about Saijou’s personality than Kousakabe. But just like Kousakabe, Saijou had a flaw too. He gets train sick. I seriously loved how realistic the characters were.  In most anime main characters are flawless but here nope. Both characters had flaws and that made them seriously adoring. This anime was only 1 hour so the fact I didn’t get to know the characters was ok but I wish we would see more of them.



I seriously adore the art of this anime. It’s just amazing and stunning. The animation is pretty smooth. One thing that caught my attention was that the color pallet was pastel and bright. It matched the story flow so, it didn’t really bother me that much. Some part of the anime turned water colored which made me adore the art. Every time it turned water colored my heart would skip a beat knowing my cute boys are gonna kiss or do something adorable. character designs looked beautiful specially the way their expressions were done. The scenery of the anime is awesome. It builds a great atmosphere which made me feel every emotion they’re feeling.



I adore every ost of this anime. God knows how much I love them. I listen to them on a daily basis. The ost fit perfectly and made me feel their emotions more and more. The voice acting was perfectly done. Saijou and Kosakabe’s voice actors did an amazing job. I seriously adored them. The background music played made scenes more effective. Sadness, happiness, love, … were felt with just the ost.



I recommend this anime to everyone, not only fujoshis and fudanshis. Doukyuusei is a must watch. The plot was beautiful. The characters were interesting and realistic. The art and animation was flawless and pretty smooth and the ost, original soundtrack, was done good. And let’s not forget the voice acting, voice actors did an amazing job. This anime is one my favorites.

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