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Name: Byebye Liberty

Author: Ayuko Hatta

Genre: romance, drama, shoujo

Chapters: 17

Status: completed


Rina and Hibiki are two classmates who don’t get along. Suddenly, after faking being his girlfriend Hibiki professes that she should fall in love with him. What will happen? 

(Source; Mangarock)


​Months ago Mangarock recommended a series titled “friends become lovers series” as a romance lover I knew I would love mangas of this series and one of the mangas was “ByeBye Liberty”. The cover caught my eye and I decided to read it. I didn’t even read the synopsis and now that I read it to write this blog gotta admit, the synopsis isn’t anything close to the story of this manga. The story revolves around a girl named Rina. Rina isn’t interested in love and most importantly, unlike other girls, she doesn’t care about handsome boys and idols. So just like any other cliche shoujo manga, she will end up with the most famous boy. I knew it from the start and yet unlike other cliche manga, I fell in love with ByeBye Liberty. 

 The first chapter started with Rina being different than other girls her age. Rina’s mom is a Mangaka so she does all the chores in the house. One night when she went out to shop she found out her new neighbor is her school’s idol, Hibiki. Hibiki asked Rina to pretend to be his girlfriend so he could get rid of a stalker. Rina accepted not knowing pretending to be Hibiki’s girlfriend means to be kissed and yes people our Rina got her first kiss. Rina got mad and slapped Hibiki and just like any other airhead idol, Hibiki told her she can just fall in love with him and be happy about the kiss. What made me laugh was that when Rina asked Hibiki that will he take responsibility if she fell for him? And he replied no with a straight face. He is a true airhead and then he received another slap. Since they’re neighbors they kept seeing each other and eventually became friends. The rest of the story is about how they get together and live a happy life. What made this manga different was that the boy didn’t fall for the girl right from the start and the girl didn’t fall for the boy like an idiot. The first two volumes were more than a cliche shoujo romance. The first two volumes focused on Rina and her unrequited crush. Rina’s first crush happened to be Hibiki’s boss. Since Rina has never experienced having a crush she asked Hibiki to help her. Rina tried hard to win the man she loves but she failed. As a friend Hibiki kept cheering her up and helping her not knowing he is falling in love.

Now I’m gonna talk about some of my favorite parts of this manga. First is the parts were Rina got heartbroken. These parts were really deep in my opinion. After crying she would smile and say it’s time for a new love to start. That’s something people (not only girls) need to learn. If someone doesn’t return your feelings or hurts you that means they aren’t meant to be in your life and you just need to accept and move on. The next favorite part was when Hibiki went shopping with Rina and chose all her clothes and even taught her how to do makeup. He made Rina have huge character development. My last favorite part was the last chapter. Whole last chapter was just too much for my romance-loving heart. Even though I hate cliche I still go badump badump. To be honest I probably hate cliche shoujo romance because I don’t experience it in real life. “ByeBye Liberty” also has angst and as always I really dislike them. Another thing that actually made me adore this manga more was that it also talked about the topic “never judge a book by its cover.” 


​” Byebye Liberty” has really lovable characters. In my opinion, what really made this manga interesting were the characters and their personalities. This manga has two main characters, Rina and Hibiki, their friends and Hibiki’s boss. Let’s start with our main female lead, Rina.

Rina is an independent girl who people rely on. She is considered to be an average girl with no interest in boys, love, and fashion. Her appearance wasn’t anything eye-catchy before going shopping with Hibiki. After that, her appearance got better and the clothes got more attractive. I usually dislike shoujo female leads but Rina actually got my attention. What made her stand out and different others was her personality. Since her mother is a Mangaka she does everything around the house and does all the chores. Sometimes she even helps her mom with the manga. Since she is mentally older than her age it was obvious she would fall for an older guy. What made her shine for me was that when her heart broke for the first time, she cried, moved on, smiled and said: “It’s time to start a new love.” Her strong character made me really adore her. After a few chapters, her personality got softer and her character got more lovable. Her appearance got way more attractive when she got a haircut and the Mangaka showed that pretty well. There is a song that describes Rina pretty good.

«I just wanna feel something, I just wanna feel

Something really real, so that I can really

Feel like a person again

If I am telling the truth

Watching my friends break their hearts into two

Makes me jealous, I know that it’s cruel

But what can you do?»

Next is Hibiki. Hibiki has a pretty deep character. At first, he seemed like a mean heartless boy who only gets spoiled by girls. After meeting Rina he started changing bit by bit. His appearance is the first thing that gets anyone’s attention. He is HOT. His personality though makes him more attractive. At first, I thought he is a jerk who only plays around but later we find out about his past and his life. He is a cinnamon roll who was once in love but got cheated on. Even though he kept being a jerk toward Rina, he also supported her through everything. He showed he is actually boyfriend material. When he found out he is in love with Rina he cut off all his connections with girls and actually paid only attention to her. One thing I seriously like about Hibiki is that he is the jealous type. He likes to show the world Rina is his. God, I love him. He exactly showed us what “don’t judge a book by its cover.” means. 

We have other characters but since they’re supportive characters we don’t see them enough. We don’t really learn about them but what I found out is that Hibiki has two amazing friends, handsome and kind. Rina also has two amazing friends, a bit slutty and meh but they’re good friends.


O M G — look at Ayuko Sensei’s art-style. At first her art style seemed familiar but after thinking I didn’t remember where I’ve seen it. When I finished the manga I searched and YEP! she is the author of “Wolf girl and black prince”. Her art style has improved a lot. Everything looked so smooth and the characters looked amazing. The first things I noticed about the art and characters were the eyes and hair. Not only they seemed smooth but the eyes looked full of passion. I don’t know how she does that. Backgrounds weren’t that detailed or special. At least I didn’t notice any details. Characters were really detailed though. The only thing that bothered me on some panels were the smiles. Some panels the smile looked weird which made go 😕. Everything else was amazing. This manga also has some sports scenes which Sensei drew flawlessly. Drawing sport poses is really hard so I seriously adore her for pulling that off.


​This manga is worth the read. I recommend it to whoever loves romance. The story is really good and you’ll actually feel close to the main character. Characters are really lovable and realistic. Putting aside the cliche of the most famous boy and normal romance hating girl, the rest of the story is pretty amusing. The art is gorgeous and eye-catchy. I especially like the way the eyes and hairs are drawn. If you like romance I’m pretty sure you’ll love this manga.

​Till next time~

Bye Bye.

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