Name: Kocchi Muite, Ai

Author: Michinoku Atami

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi, smut 

Chapters: 5 +1 one shot 

Status: completed


As a person who reads a lot of yaoi I decided to give this manga a shot. This manga has a ton of smut scenes and I didn’t want to review it because of that, but honestly, I really like the story and characters so I decided to give it a try. 


Suzuhara lives in a cheap apartment that has extremely thin walls; whenever his neighbor Nishino brings home girls for the night, Suzuhara can hear all of it! At first, it only annoys Suzuhara but when his long-time crush, Nakayama, asks to borrow Suzuhara’s apartment so he could have sex with his new girlfriend, everything changes.

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My thoughts on the first chapter

​In the first chapter we got introduced to the main character, Suzuhara; and his way of life. At first, I found his life to be funny especially because of the place he lives in. But later I started feeling sad for him. He lives in an old apartment with thin walls and with the bad luck his neighbor, who’s also a guy, brings a lot of women home. Suzuhara gets pissed at all the sound they’re making and starts punching the wall to make them shut up. A few seconds later, Nishino, his hot neighbor, shows up telling him to stop interrupting. I found all these scenes hysterical! Up until this part, I thought Suzuhara was straight and I told myself maybe the story is about Nishino crushing on Suzuhara. But I was kinda wrong! Suzuhara is in love with his straight friend and knows his feelings will never be returned. His straight Best friend is an absolute idiot. He asked Suzuhara to lend his Apartment to him for his date with his GF because he’s broke and doesn’t have money for a Love Hotel. Does anyone else think that’s a little rude? Who the hell asks someone for their room for sex? Seriously!? Being completely love-struck, Suzuhara allowed it. Since his heart is broken, he offers a One night stand to Nishino. Since Nishino is crushing on Suzuhara he took the chance and accepted being with him. The part that hit me hard was the fact that Suzuhara was planning to get off to the sound of his best friend’s voice. With the way, the first chapter went I thought there were gonna be a lot of sad chapters. I also thought that the plot would introduce a love triangle and one character getting hurt. Overall I found the first chapter interesting so I decided to keep reading.



​This manga is pretty short so the plot didn’t get too deep. The plot was average just like most of the yaoi manga out there. 

I cry every time.

Suzuhara likes his best friend and after one night with Nishino, he starts developing feelings for him. After one or two depressing chapters they end up together and bam the story’s over! What I found interesting was the flashback chapter and how Nishino started crushing on Suzuhara. That chapter was pretty good. Nishino started noticing Suzuhara staring at him every time they meet and started noticing him more frequently. You could say at first it was just curiosity but later it turned into affection. The first time they talk Nishino mentions Suzuhara staring at him and Suzuhara told him he was mistaken and he was always looking at the beer. Nishino was embarrassed asf! I seriously loved that chapter. Putting aside the theme this manga talked about factors such as not being able to talk about feelings, feeling unworthy, good for nothing, along with other psychological stuff. I feel like it added a nice touch to the manga. Being afraid to talk and say what you want is something most people are afraid of. I liked how the Mangaka used this psychological aspect in a smut manga. Smut manga usually doesn’t have a proper plot. One thing I really liked about this manga was when it accurately showed readers how hard it is for gay people to live in society. Attending a party and not being able to be yourself, is something no one should go through. 



​This manga is short we didn’t get to learn about our characters past. Most of the manga was focused on our two main characters; Suzuhara’s best friend and his girlfriend. Let’s start with Rika. Rika doesn’t show up a lot but I actually enjoyed her panels. She’s a Fujoshi who was the first to notice that Nishino and Suzuhara were more then friends. That’s all… no personality was shown. Her boyfriend, Suzuhara’s best friend, had more panels. (I don’t remember his name XD ) He was the first person to discover Suzuhara was gay. They met at a drinking party and Suzuhara told him he was gay thinking he’d leave or be disgusted. But he wasn’t either; he was curious and they ended up becoming best friends. His personality got on my nerves a bit though. He’s an airhead who doesn’t notice anything till you tell him. Suzuhara had a crush on him for years but never noticed. He kept borrowing Suzuhara’s apartment not noticing how much he was hurting Suzuhara. I really wanted to punch his face. Moving on to Suzuhara and Nishino. The only thing I noticed about Nishino was that he used to be with different people every day and he stopped after meeting Suzuhara, that’s it. Since he’s one of the main characters I wanted to know more about him. Suzuhara, on the other hand, was shown more. He’s anxious over-thinker who doesn’t want people to hate him. He is afraid of being left out and between all the characters I really liked his personality the most. His personality caught my attention especially because uke’s are usually annoying. I found this manga’s characters pretty amusing. Character designs weren’t anything special but I really liked Nishino’s appearance.




​Even though the art isn’t anything special I seriously like it. The character designs are pretty normal and I didn’t notice much detail. Some parts seemed sloppy and it was like Mangaka just wanted to finish the panel. One thing I liked about the art was the facial expressions and their Chibi style. Their facial expressions were pretty. Other than this nothing else caught my attention.



​This manga is for yaoi fans who like smut. It 90% smut scenes; so if you’re not okay with that, don’t read this. Overall this manga has an average story and interesting characters. The art wasn’t bad nor that good but I still enjoyed it. Their chibi panels were adorable. Anyways give this manga a try.

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