Name: Neon Sign Amber

Author: Tanaka Ogeretsu

Genre: Romance, Yaoi, Drama

Chapters: 6

Status: completed



 An expressionless club doorman meets a flashy boy at one of the many parties the place gathers. As someone who’s always been considered quite boring or an emotionless person, Saya-chan with his clumsy personality will make this man a more vivid one.

(Source; Mangarock)


My thoughts on first chapter 

+a small summary of first chapter

The first chapter starts with Ogata Yuusuke getting dumped for never smiling or looking pleased. Yuusuke is expressionless and because of that he gets dumped repeatedly. Unlike him there is a guy named “Saya Masaki” who comes to the bar Yuusuke works at everyday. He has no problem letting people see how he feels. One day Yuusuke saw Saya getting kicked out of a love hotel and Saya fell on the street making Yuusuke worry. He tried to help Saya get up and Saya threw up making Yuusuke cleaning up the vomit. Saya told him he doesn’t come to the bar to have one night stands with woman and that being with girls make him feel at ease. Yuusuke laughed and Saya noticed his smile making Yuusuke shocked. Saya was the first person who understood his emotion. From that moment he started getting curious about Saya. They started getting closer and one night Saya told Yuusuke he lost his locker key and Yuusuke told him he can open it for 5,000 yen. Saya told Yuusuke he’d cook him breakfast as thanks. Every day he would go to Saya’s house to eat and Saya told him reading people’s expressions is his specialty. Which intrigued Yuusuke, and in turn made him want to learn more about Saya. The chapter flowed fairly well. The way the first chapter was heading I was sure there was gonna be a lot of angst. I also told myself the ending will probably be happy. Overall I found the  chapter interesting and cute so I decided to keep reading.



​As I said above the story is about an expressionless guy who people dump getting curious about a guy who shows all his emotions. Unlike other manga that dedicate one chapter all to flashbacks and childhood, this manga showed some parts in one chapter and the rest in another making the chapter easy to follow and more enjoyable. Putting aside the theme, this manga showed factors such as how being bullied can hurt or even kill people, being bullied for loving someone, being bullied for confessing to someone who’s same sex, being bullied for being gay. Saya dropped out of school for being bullied because all of the stuff I mentioned. I feel like it added a nice touch to the manga. Being afraid to love and not being yourself is something most people go through. I liked how the Mangaka used this psychological aspect in a yaoi manga. Unfortunately the plot was pretty predictable. A straight guy falling for a gay guy BAM BAM BAM. The only difference this manga had was its details such as how they got closer and what happened between them. That’s it. Don’t get me wrong, I love this manga with all my heart. The flow was great and I enjoyed every chapter. This manga has a chapter that I love and hate at the same time which is rare. The chapter started with  Yuusuke soaking his pants and borrowing Saya’s pants which didn’t fit him they ended up laughing and Yuusuke kissed him all of sudden making Saya confess the fact he is gay I LOVED ALL THESE PART. Now the part I hate, after confessing Yuusuke started making out with Saya and he took off Saya’s clothes and when he saw Saya has a D like him he apologized and told him he can’t. HE BROKE SAYA’S HEART. 



​An introverted straight man, Yuusuke, who gets dumped because of his face finds a person, Saya, who can read his expressions. We see this in yaoi manga a lot. Another thing that is pretty common in yaoi manga is a character with dark and sad past, in this manga Saya is the one with dark and sad past. So you can say the characters aren’t anything new. This manga is short so we don’t get to know a lot about characters. Neon sign amber is mostly focused on the two main characters. We barely see other characters but we do see Saya’s Senpai and Saya’s mother. Starting with Saya’s Senpai. I don’t remember his name and he only appeared in 4 or 5 frames? Idk. Anyways In middle school Saya used to like his Senpai so he asked him out and he started spreading rumor that Saya was a homo and Saya stopped going to school and became a dropout. I hate this character with all my heart. He is one of those characters that even though you don’t see them a lot you still hate him with all your guts. Good thing Yuusuke kicked his ass! LOL. Next up is Saya’s mom. After all these years she still doesn’t know her son is gay but still accepts that Saya doesn’t want to go to school anymore. I think we only see her twice in the manga but what I found out about her is that she is really caring and loves Saya. As for our two main characters. To be honest there isn’t anything to talk about I said everything about them… wish we would get to know more about Yuusuke’s past or their future together. 



 Tanaka Ogeretsu is one of my favorite mangaka. Her art is gorgeous! The first thing that caught my attention was how detailed this manga was. The bar, clothes, characters and etc. The anatomy of the characters, their hair and their expressions are drawn perfectly. The lines look so smooth and it holds a lot of passion. I really like how the mangaka draws, especially the faces and characters. Since the lines are smooth, they go perfectly with the plot. However the background characters were drawn lazily. They didn’t have a face. But the main characters were perfect! Tanaka sensei is pretty famous in the yaoi manga community. She has also worked on “Yarichin bitch club”. 



​This manga is one of the best yaoi manga I’ve ever read. Even though I didn’t say much good about it but it’s one of those manga that makes me smile and happy. Overall the story isn’t anything unique, characters are predictable and the art is gorgeous. I really love Tanaka Sensei’s art style. Their chibi panels were adorable. To all the yaoi fans out there *^* give this manga a try. You won’t regret it.

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