I’ve reread this manga so many times. This manga is pretty underrated and I believe it deserves way more attention. If you’re ok with old manga and you like manga with a good plot then this manga is for you. 



Name: Love Mode 

Author: Yuki Shimizu

Genre: Romance, Yaoi, Drama

Chapters: 50 (11 volumes)

Status: Completed



Mistaken identities, bizarre accidents and pratfalls, tragic pasts and plenty of broken hearts, and that is just for starters! Love Mode tells the story of the lives of the men involved with the classy male escort service, Blue Boy. Love lines intertwine and cross, friendships are made and broken in this boy’s love classic!

Sakashita Izumi, your typical straight high school student, gets into a sticky situation with a gay translator, Takamiya Katsura when he gets mistaken for Izumi – an escort from B&B (Blue Boy)! The two go on a date, Takamiya goes all the way with the young Izumi, and now the older man’s in love with him. Tiny Problem: Izumi is slightly homophobe. Will he eventually convert in that which he fears?

Reiji, owner of B&B and other sleazy clubs (and seemingly not gay) finds out his girlfriend had been cheating on him – just after dumping her. He bumps into a young, family-less, money-less, trustless high school named Naoya who at that moment gets knocked out by a pot that Reiji’s vengeful ex-lover drops on his head. Reiji accompanies the young boy, feeling bad that this is partly his doing, only to find that now Naoya is homeless since his apartment burned down and finally ends up taking in this “stray cat”.

(source; Mangarock)



The first 6 volumes of manga revolves around two main couples, Katsura Takamiya + Izumi Sakashita and Reiji Aoe + Naoya Shirakawa. Before getting to them, let me tell you that other volumes of  Love Mode are about side characters and the past of each character. Now, let’s get back to our adorable couples. 

Love Mode starts with Izumi, a normal teenage boy, who is looking for a relationship. His friend tells him that a girl has found interest in his picture and he should go to a park to meet her. Izumi is pretty happy and goes to the mentioned park,waiting for the girl , but due to his bad luck, a beautiful boy gets in an accident in front of him and lefts behind a rose. When the beautiful boy who is also named Izumi and is a host from B&B is taken to the hospital our Izumi takes the rose and waits for the girl. The girl doesn’t show up, but instead, a young handsome guy, Takamiya, shows up mistaking him as host Izumi and spends the whole day with him. At the end of the day, Izumi is drunk and Takamiya goes all the way with him. Izumi gets mad and starts showing signs of being Homophobic. Later on, he starts getting feelings for him and they eventually start dating. 

Next we see Reiji, B&B’s owner, who is Takamiya’s friend. He found out his girlfriend is cheating on him and after breaking up with her he bumped into a boy named, Naoya. Reiji’s ex-lover tries to hit him with a pot, but Naoya gets knocked out by that pot. Reiji feels bad so he accompanied him and after he found out that Naoya is homeless and alone he took him in. 

The rest of the manga is about B&B members, how Takamiya and Reiji met, Reiji’s past life and how these couples get closer to each other. 








I really enjoyed the story, especially how each character had their own chapters. Their past, their present and their future. Another thing I really enjoyed was the quotes and words the mangaka used. In some parts, I was laughing and at some, I had tears in my eyes. This manga is obviously a rollercoaster of emotions. It can touch your heart. The way mangaka related each character to each other is just priceless. 


Let’s be honest. This manga doesn’t have very good art. I’m not a picky person so I didn’t really mind, but I’m pretty sure other people can’t handle huge yaoi hands and sharp chins. 

For its own time, it has a good art style, but nowadays, manga has soft-lined styles. I believe the mangaka did a great job, they tried hard to show as many details as possible.


One of my favorite parts to write in a blog is about the characters, especially in this case. Each character is interesting and they all have chapters of their own. I’m gonna only talk about the main characters because there are a lot of characters in this manga and some aren’t really that important.

Katsura Takamiya 

Pianist, caring and a true gentleman 

He is a true husbando 

I’m pretty sure a lot of girls want to marry someone like Takamiya. Takamiya is kind, gentle and always cares about his partner. He does whatever he can to win his lover’s heart. Even though he went through a lot in his life, he still smiles and wants to see people happy. Takamiya lost his parents at a young age and he was left with his uncle. While living with his uncle in England, he met Reiji. They became good friends. I really wanna talk about his uncle, but unfortunately, he was only in 2-3 chapters and I don’t want to spoil him for the people who wanna read this manga. Anyways, after coming to Japan, he decides to meet a boy from Reiji’s club named Izumi, but instead, he meets a cute high school student named Izumi. Isn’t that cute? It is. Anyways the things he does for Izumi just to get a “I love you” is so cute and amazing;-; 

Izumi Sakashita 

At first, he got on my nerves. He was Homophobic and arrogant. He didn’t care how others felt and after four volumes, he confessed his love to Katsura. FOUR VOLUMES… he made me go nuts for four volumes, but after that, he started getting better. His confession was the cutest thing ever. It made me smile like an idiot and send the page to my friends saying “HE DID IT”. Later on, it is shown he truly cares about Takamiya… he really loves him, but doesn’t know how to show it. He had pretty good character development.

Reiji Aoe

People who like Asami-san will like him, too. Reiji is work-obsessed and often cold to those around him. He doesn’t really care about romance. He is blunt and says what’s on his mind, but his actions and words always mean well. I really like his personality. He hides his true self behind a cold and straight face. He tries hard to avoid letting his loved ones get hurt. He is really kind and handsome.

Naoya Shirakawa

Whenever Naoya was shown I kept being left with agony. He had a bad past and can’t trust people but with Reiji’s love, he started to develop more. He lost his parents at a young age and he was left all alone. TBH the chapters that were about him was really hard to handle. In the last chapter of the manga, Naoya and Izumi are shown to be grown-ups and boyyyyy Naoya is so damn handsome. 

Honorable mention 

 Kiichi Aoe

I didn’t want to write about him, but I gotta admit he is one important character. He is Reiji’s older brother and he is the one who helps everyone in need. He makes the manga worth all the attention. He tries hard to get people together. He was the one who got Naoya and Reiji together, too. I really like him. He had a sad past and his father used to abuse him, but all those hard times didn’t change the way he is.


I recommend this manga to people who aren’t picky and actually read manga for its plot. This manga has a few smut scenes and some parts are action. If you like to read a manga that has a plot, this manga is for you.

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