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Minimum Spoilers

Love Letter

Author: Souichirou Yamamoto

Genre: Romance, Shounen, slice of life

Let’s start this blog with a cute one-shot, love letter, by the author of “Teasing master Takagi-san”. This short one-shot is about a boy named, Okamoto who has been crushing on his schoolmate, Kamiyama. He decided to confess his love through a letter but he got interrupted to put the letter in Kamiyama’s locker. Later Kamiyama asked him to give a love letter to another guy and that request made a mess of Okamoto. This one-shot is super adorable and really short. The art style is just like other Yamamoto Sensei’s works. His art style is unique. He even said in this one-shot that he is embarrassed the characters are so similar to Takagi and Nishikata. The art wasn’t that detailed and I wish we could see Kamiyama’s response clearly. I seriously love how sensei draws the eyes and his characters. His art is kinda childish but I adore it. Overall, I love this short one-shot and I’m pretty sure you’ll like it too.


Love Portrait

Author: Tsunami Minatsuki

Genre: Shoujo, Romance

Love Portrait is about a high school girl, Oikawa, who likes her classmates, Suou, body. She has been drawing him for months now and after getting in a drawing competition she decides to tell Suou and ask him to be her model. He declines without hesitation and tells her she hasn’t been looking at him at all. These words make Oikawa curious so she decides to look at Suou even more. The rest of the story is basically about Oikawa knowing the real Suou. We don’t see these two becoming a couple but we do understand their feelings which were really sweet and adorable. This manga made me smile *^* I really liked the lesson this one-shot was teaching. “Everyone sees but no one really knows.” The first time I saw the cover I thought this one-shot is by Bisco Hatori, Ouran host club’s Mangaka, but I was wrong. The art is seriously similar though. I found the art okayish. lines are a bit thick and faces looked a bit odd (at first). When I got used to the art I found the eyes pretty stunning. I seriously liked the way the eyes were drawn. I did find the nose and anatomy off at some parts but the rest was good. 


I can’t handle sweet peaches

Author: Mogusu

Genre: Josei, Romance

The Story is about a newbie office worker named Onishi who can’t stand his boss. His boss, Momozono, has huge breasts, a babyface, and a gentle voice. She is also amazing at her job and because of that everyone loves to have her as their boss. Onishi is different though. He gets irritated easily and says he can’t stand Momozono. One night we find out about his true feelings. Since this one-shot is “Josei” it gives off a mature vibe and we don’t see our characters turn into a couple. But we do see how they actually feel. To be honest, I believe this one-shot could have had more than one chapter but Mangaka decided not. I wish I could learn about Momozono’s feelings and actually see these two dating. This one-shot is still sweet so I do recommend it. The art style is pretty cute too. The eyes and faces are drawn pretty well. And I seriously adore the way the Mangaka, Mogusu, draws male characters. They are way cuter than female characters. I did find some panels weird but they didn’t really bother me. Altogether, this one-shot is worth the read.


Omae Watashi no koto Suki daro?

Author: Izumi Tsubaki 

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Shoujo 

The Story is about a girl who met a boy lost like her in the entrance ceremony. She helped him to find his class and she noticed he has been blushing all this time. She thought he is in love with her and got excited that she will get her boyfriend in the first semester of high school. Unfortunately, two years passed and not only she didn’t get a confession she also decided to try to make him confess to her. Her tactics and the way he responded to her ways are hella funny. I seriously love this one-shot. The story is really funny and makes you actually smile at how idiotic these two are. The art is gorgeous especially the eyes. The eyes are fucking beautiful. If you find the art familiar it’s because Tsubaki Sensei is also the Mangaka of “Monthly girls Nozaki Kun” her art is seriously gorgeous. The character designs especially the girls uniforms are beautiful I seriously liked their uniforms. Overall if you want a good laugh this one-shot is for you.


Blackberry Chocolate

Author: Mitsubachi Miyuki

Genre: Comedy, Shoujo, Romance

Blackberry chocolate is about two perfect high schoolers. A girl who is cute and kind, her smile is brighter than the sun and a boy who doesn’t try that hard but is good at anything. They can’t stand each other but that’s because each thinks the other person is truly amazing. Due to an accident, they see each other’s flaws and that makes them start becoming friends. This manga was really funny and at some point, I related to the characters. This one-shot isn’t that long so I can’t write more but I’m really happy that this short manga had a happy ending. The art was pretty good and I really liked the character designs. Some panels felt weird and rushed but the rest was pretty good. 


Gyu…tte shite mo li?

Author: Yuki Shiraishi

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy 

This one-shot is really sweet. The story is about a girl named Miyuri who is the caption of the Judo club. Since she was forced by her brother she couldn’t say no but the truth is she is afraid of men and boys. Saenami, Miyuri’s senpai, is the ace of the judo club. He is tough, fearless and aggressive. Miyuri hates this kind the most. One day she accidentally threw out Senpai’s body pillow, the body pillow he uses when it’s raining and there are thunders. The rest of the story is about how the fearless Senpai turned out like this and Miyuri actually not being afraid of a guy. This manga is seriously short and it took me 10-15 minutes to read so any more writing means spoilers. Putting aside the story I really liked the art. I didn’t really notice any detailed backgrounds but the characters were really detailed. I seriously liked how the mangaka draws the eyes. They’re huge but adorable. Other things I liked are the character designs. The character designs are pretty good. 


Clear Color

Author: Kaori Hoshiya 

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Drama

Dont let the cover full you. Before reading this one-shot I thought this is depressing with a sad ending but I was wrong. This manga was actually adorable. The story is about a boy who fakes a smile and tries hard to be what there’s want him to be. One day he meets his weird classmate. A girl who ditches school to draw a stray cat. Seeing this girl changed his life. I did find some drama scenes in this one-shot but I also found comedy scenes. Some parts are really funny. The art is gorgeous. The character designs are amazing and I really like the way Mangaka draws the face of her characters. The sceneries were also pretty good. I especially liked the way Kaori Sensei draws the cat. The cat is seriously cute and since In the genre tag it says drama I kept thinking the cat’s gonna die. Good thing nothing happened to my precious baby *^*


Thats all for part one. I’ll post part 2 soon. So stay tuned. I hope you have a great day. 

Happy Valentine’s Day 💐

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