Kimia is back with part two of “valentine One-shots”. Please do note all these mangas are one-shots so their status is completed. Valentine is a day different for any person. 

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Minimum Spoilers 

Rinjin wa Chou

Author: Takara Akegami

Genre: Drama, Shoujo, Romance 

G O D — I L O V E TH I S!

This one-shot isn’t for everyone. The story is about a 20-year-old girl, Chouka, who plays around with boys and has never bothered being in a relationship. She considers herself “queen” and loves the fact she has all the control. One day though she meets her neighbor, a 33-year-old man. A 33-year-old man who is mature, handsome, tall and actually HOT. You can say she got attractive at first sight. This one-shot is seriously amazing and hot. I LOVE IT. If you know me you know I love age gap couples but the truth since in this case not only I love the age gap but I also love the plot and ART. I can’t believe this one-shot has such beautiful art. The characters are hella amazing. Both females and males were drawn detailed and beautiful. The EYES the E Y E S; I fucking love the eyes. I usually don’t feel this way toward shoujo manga but I even thought this manga is “Josei” or “seinen” but no its shoujo. If you’re ok with the age gap READ THIS.


Prickly day

Author: Ayuko

Genre: Romance, Shoujo

I seriously love this one-shot. This one-shot is in full color and it’s really short. It only has 8 pages… JUST 8. It’s about a boy who is having a really bad day. He is hurt and is having a really bad day. Then a girl comes and starts talking to him. He keeps shooing her but she stays when he actually starts being nice to her she leaves and goes to another boy. His day keeps getting worse and worse until… I WONT SPOIL 😉 This manga is really adorable and nice. I fucking love it. The art is also amazing. It’s beautiful everything is detailed and the characters look pretty good. The characters, their anatomy, face especially the eyes and bodies are flawless. The coloring is seriously nice and I freaking adore everything about this one-shot.


Daisuki no Yukue

Author: Haruka Mitsui

Genre: Romance, Comedy 

“Let me be the only one in your eyes. 

Don’t draw anyone else except me…”

I freaking like this one-shot. This one-shot is seriously adorable and short. It’s about a girl who loves drawing and is in the art club. Her hobby is to draw the boy she likes. The boy is in the volleyball club and is actually pretty good. The girl keeps watching him and draws him whenever she can. She believes he has a beautiful gesture. I freaking love this girl. Another guy, love triangle happens :))), comes along and starts liking the girl but the girl loves the volleyball boy. The art is pretty beautiful. It’s detailed and the characters look pretty good. The backgrounds and characters are all detailed and flawless. This manga also has sports scenes and the Mangaka has drawn then perfectly. Drawing sports gestures is pretty hard but Mangaka did amazingly. 


You’re love

Author: Yuki Andou

Genre: Romance, Shoujo 

This manga started quite weird. We see a girl who acts like a robot, an emotionless robot. She has a master a Senpai who teaches this girl what the world is and what life really is. This manga doesn’t have a really nice story but the plot itself is deep af. The quotes used are really deep and serious. What is Love? What do people feel? Are kind-faced people really kind? This manga is short so I can’t talk more about it. But this one-shot worths picking up so give it a try. It also showed perfectly what “don’t judge a book by its cover” means. another thing it thought was don’t get in relationships without thoughts and feelings cause, in the end, one person will get hurt for sure. I seriously loved the stuff this manga was showing. The art isn’t anything special but I do love the character designs. I didn’t find anything detailed. The characters were drawn pretty well though. Especially the faces. I really liked the faces. I didn’t like how this one-shot ended. It didn’t have a proper ending so I wish it had more chapters.



Author: Wang Qiaolin

Genre: Romance, Shoujo

This Manhua is in full color. The story is about a girl who used to be the best dancer but when she stopped growing up she wasn’t allowed to dance anymore. She stayed 150 cm and everyone kept calling her short. Since she is short she believed she won’t be able to dance again or be loved. She fell in love though. Fell in love with a boy 38 cm taller than her. She believes he will never see her in the crowd and she believes she will never ever be loved. I love how the author talked about how short people see the world. The author talked about how short people live a hard life pretty nicely and some parts also were really nice and cute. How she can’t reach people’s shoulders but she does reach people’s hearts. Adorable. The story is pretty cute and it’s really short. The art started off pretty good but the more it went on the less detailed it got. Just look at this pic above. The face of the boy looks like an idiotic demon? Idk he looks weird. 


Chinmoku Garu no Ritorukurai

Author: Sora 

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy

This one-shot is seriously adorable. “Chinmoku Garu no Ritorukurai” is about a Kohane, a high school student, who can’t talk well. Since a young age, she always got bullied and laughed at because of her problem. So she decided to stop. Now she refuses to talk or even answer the teacher. One day when she was going to the teacher’s lounge she met a guy who was bruised and hurt in a fight. She gave the boy bandages and since she doesn’t talk so rather than telling him, she put on the bandage on his face and left. This scene was hella adorable cause imagine someone comes to you all of a sudden looks you in the eye, helps you and leaves without a word. The next morning the guy confessed to him and Kohane just couldn’t believe it. This story isn’t just a romantic comedy. I believe it’s way deeper and more meaningful than that. It shows how people should accept themselves. The plot kinda reminded me of “The anthem of the heart” I know these two are whole different plots but I only know these two with “mute main character”. This is one of Sora sensei’s old one-shots so the art looks old but I still loved it. I didn’t find any flaws. Everything looked good, neat and detailed. 


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