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The love of my life… the fictional character I’ve been in love with for 5 years now. Ladies and gentlemen

It’s Usami Akihiko’s Bday.


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Name: Usami Akihiko

Kanji: 宇佐見 秋彦

Nickname: Usagi

Age: 31-year-old in the 3rd Season

birthday: 3rd March 

Zodiac sign: Pisces 

Occupation: price winning author 

and erotic yaoi fiction writer 

Signific other: Misaki Takahashi 


” Being able to stay beside the 

one you love is one of the 

privileges of being a Friend”

                                          -Usami Akihito

I can’t believe the last time I wrote about my baby was two years ago. Two years ago I made a blog for Akihiko’s birthday. Yes, we are on first-name terms bitches. Joke *^* I call him Usagi. God knows how much I love him. I’ve told my boyfriend that I’m in love with Usagi and he knows I fangirl and die for Usagi. I’ve even requested an artist to make a handmade keychain of him. I paid them and after three weeks when I received him I cried in happiness. You can see the pic at the end of the blog :3

Usagi is the seme of the famous yaoi series, Junjou Romantica. I’ve watched Junjou Romantica exactly 12 Times now and every time I smiled, laughed, cried and clenched my first over my chest. I’ve been in love with him for five years, usually, after a while, I stop fangirling as serious over my husbandos but Usagi is just different. Idk why I still fangirl as hard as I fangirled the first time I saw him. Akihiko is a popular author who has won numerous awards. He doesn’t care about awards and only likes to convey his feelings through writing. He started writing fiction at a young age. He used to be a very sad child. He was born in a rich but sad family. He was never close to anyone, he was always alone. He actually wanted to be alone because he lost trust in others because 1.he did have a male tutor but he molested him and 2.His father also was a good for nothing man who cheated on his mother. The only adult who truly cared about Usagi is the family butler “Tanaka”. Usagi doesn’t really care about him but respects him.

Usagi is Misaki’s older brother’s best friend and had a huge crush on him. For ten years Usagi loved him but never said a thing because he didn’t want to lose his best friend. Ten years he went through this unrequited love. Because of Misaki’s brother, Usagi started writing erotic yaoi fiction. He writes BL because he gets paid for his fantasies. Misaki’s brother never noticed Usagi’s feelings which actually hurt Usagi a lot. Usagi’s life changed after meeting Misaki. He became Misaki’s tutor and Misaki found out about Usagi’s feelings for his brother. He didn’t push Usagi away and when his brother told Usagi he has engaged Misaki got mad and cried for Usagi which made Usagi start liking him. A brat he barely knew cried for him… for the first time he felt noticed and because of that he started falling in love with Misaki. After Takahiro, Misaki’s brother, moved away Usagi and Misaki start living together and eventually start dating.

Usagi, the love of my life, is a tall handsome man who has silver hair and almond-shaped violet-colored eyes. He has a great sense of fashion and every outfit he wears looks hella hot. He mostly wears a tie which makes him look super mature. He rarely smiles and is mostly expressionless but when it comes to Misaki he is someone he doesn’t know himself. Someone who laughs, smiles, smirks, and giggles. Usagi also smokes a lot and anywhere. In the House, car, outside and etc. I dislike cigarettes and people who smoke irl but when it comes to manga and anime I’m head over heels for characters who smoke. I find them HOT and SEXY. I’m in love with his looks but what I like more is his personality. Usagi is a perverted man who is a bit messed up due to his horrible past. He is a bit possessive and dislikes when his lover pays attention to others. Putting aside his overprotectiveness, arrogant ass and controlling behavior, he is really kind and caring. He does whatever he can to make the person he loves happy. He is selfless and will go to any extent to make his lover smile. The bad side of his personality is because of his childhood. He is extremely afraid to lose his lover and the anxiety makes him get overprotective.

After meeting Misaki He is changing little by little and his character development is actually beautiful. I seriously love these two precious cinnamon rolls. One of the things I adore about their relationship is, Usagi, despite being 31, can have a childish side. Usagi never had a normal childhood so he never experienced things other kids did. He has never had cheap candy, never made a snowman, never been on a normal date, never played with marbles, never had toys, never received normal gifts and most importantly never received love. His childish side is adorable and sad. He has one room filled with toys and teddy bears all named “ Mizuki”. He thinks having a room full of them allows him to feel how childhood really is. He gets excited over candy and since he is rich buys them all emptying the shop. Misaki does all normal stuff for him to make him happy. Misaki bought marbles for him and told him they each can have 3 and make 3 wishes. I seriously love this part of the anime. When they made wishes on the marbles. when you wish on the marbles your most important wish should be made on the last marble and their last wish made me have tears in my eyes.

” Please let me be with Misaki forever.” 

“ please let me be with Usagi forever.”

They have way too many adorable moments especially in the manga. It wasn’t like this though because Misaki was a shy idiot and kept ignoring Misaki but after admitting he also loves Usagi he started showing kindness toward Usagi more and more. I’m crying writing this because I freaking love them but I cried more reading their proposal. 

“In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish… I vow to devote myself to you.”

“I also vow to you, Usagi-san…that I will love you forever.”

Usagi kisses Misaki’s hands a lot which implies admiration, tenderness, or desire for love. While Misaki kisses Usagi on the forehead. Which has a lot of meaning and is way deep. A kiss on the forehead can mean you share a meaningful connection, you are kissing your lover’s soul and that you’re happy you have them. These two cuties also have funny moments like when Misaki got the job he applied. None of them believed it and Usagi said that Misaki’s reading it wrong or the correct answer is invisible. After checking Usagi patted Misaki’s Head. He does that a lot which is adorable. GOD I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE their moments. All of their moments make me clench my fist on my chest and cry in happiness.

Usagi has inspired me so much and he has touched my heart so many times. I can relate to him a lot… My baby doesn’t speak about his thoughts, but when he is deep in them, his actions change. Usagi has been through a lot and that has made him an anxious person. He can’t control himself when it comes to the person he loves. Every word Misaki says makes him overthink. He is an over-thinker, he thinks about it every second of every minute of every day. Another reason he is extremely anxious is that Usagi and Misaki’s language of love is different. Usagi says I love you a lot while Misaki doesn’t say it. Because of that Usagi gets anxious once in a while that he is forcing Misaki into this relationship. My baby is also afraid of losing Misaki. He’s been alone most of his life because of that he is afraid to get left out.

“what if he leaves me?”

“What if he doesn’t love me anymore?” 

“Maybe he wants to live with his brother” 

Usami makes my heart flutter and skip a beat. Junjou Romantica is my first yaoi anime and Usagi has had a huge impact on my life.

Dear Akihiko,

Thanks for being the best hubby,

counselor and lover. You’ve been 

giving me sweet dreams for years

now. You’re responsible for my 

smiles. You make my life worth 

living and you make me happy. You

mean the world to me and I can’t 

wait to spend more years with you.



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