Since it’s October I decided to do a First impression on a horror manga. This is my first impression from the first five chapters


May contain spoilers 

I will be stating my opinion so if you don’t agree, please be polite and comment them.


Name: Emerging 

Chapters: 22

Genre: psychological, horror, drama, Seinen 

Author: Masaya Hokazono

Status: completed



Japan is a brilliant Asian model of success and obligatorily. But how would this country manage to maintain a large-scale sanitary crisis? What would happen if, to Shinjuku, one of the biggest districts of Tokyo, a man exploded and his blood, along with a virus are sprayed all over passersby in broad daylight? How would the political and sanitary authorities manage the drama? Think, please, about the question as long as you still have the possibility of it because for the professors Onodera and Sekiguchi it is already too late! Will an emergent virus begin to insinuate itself into the arteries of the Japanese capital?

(Source; mangarock) 


My thoughts on first chapter and a small summary of it

The first chapter introduced the reader to a man and the disease he has, a teenage girl named Akari and a doctor. Akari a teenage girl witnesses a pretty graphic death scene. Death of a hard worker. The chapter starts with our hard worker and how sick he feels. It shows he keeps getting fat and having coughing fits. Seeing how bad he looks, his colleagues tell him to go to a hospital and forget about work. He eventually complies and on the way to the hospital, in front of hundreds of people, he explodes covering people in his blood. One of the people there was Akari. They take the man and all the people who have witness this tragedy to hospital; and there we meet our doctor who’s Akbari’s neighbor. This part was probably the creepiest part of the first chapter. We see the dead body and how gruesome it looks. The doctor states the fact that the way the body looks and smells is the exact same of a three day old dead body that’s rotting. Another doctor states that this disease is contagious! and at the end of the chapter we see that because Akari had a cut on her finger, she is showing symptoms of the disease! Personally I found first chapter more mysterious than terrifying. I found the part the body explotion and the way it’s shown off more perplexing rather than terrifying. Overall chapter one did a fantastic job with the story. I believe first chapter showed me exactly what the story’s about. 



After reading five chapters I only noticed one thing’ and that’s the fact that the disease in the manga is very similar to Ebola. Whoever gets this disease dies in the worse way possible! People’s bodies gets so hot that it starts melting your organs and at the end your body explodes. The story is really unique and the pace of this manga rather slow. After reading chapter one I thought I would’ve learned more in two chapters. But the pace started to get slower and after five chapters I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen to our main character Akira. She got the disease and we still don’t know what’s gonna happen to her. In the first five chapters we just got introduced to the disease and what it does. Another thing we found out is that Japan doesn’t know how to deal with this disease and wants to send the samples to USA. I don’t know what’s gonna happen and I believe that’s a good sign that means the story isn’t something overly simple or plain. The manga is mostly focused on the story and I don’t know if Akira is gonna die or survive. To be honest seeing the cover I feel like she is gonna survive but I don’t know how… I don’t know if she is gonna survive or not but maybe if she dies the story will turn out similarly to “Blindness” by José Saramago. 



The story is mainly about the plot. At least the first five chapters were focused on the plot. We did get to see a few characters and find out a bit about them but that’s it. I can’t say anything about their personality or such. Akira, a teenage girl, who is dating a boy in her school. I consider her the main character and as I said I don’t know if she is gonna stay alive or die. Shuu, a doctor who is also Akira’s neighbor. He and another doctor are working on this new disease. That’s it. other characters shown weren’t anything special or at least in this five chapters they weren’t shown that much. The man we see in first chapter made me a bit curious. How did he get infected? In this five chapter we see doctors use his dead body to get examples but we don’t get to know his alive self. Anyways I hope they show more about Akira. I want to learn more about her. 



I really like the art this manga has. The first thing that caught my attention were the eyes. They aren’t like other manga I’ve read and I found them exquisite! Character designs weren’t anything special but their eyes are stunning! The gore scenes were drawn perfectly as well. In this five chapters we didn’t see a lot of gore but I still found the bloody eyes and the body explosion scenes pretty creepy. The backgrounds were mostly drawn in detail and I’m pretty sure the mangaka spent a lot of time on them. 


Will I continue reading this?

Yes. I’m really curious about the story and what’s gonna happen to Akira.  The pace of the story is slow so I hope to see some great stuff. I also want qto know more about the characters.

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