Hello to all the horror fans. Im here with a horror manga that I believe deserves more attention.

I don’t know if this manga is famous or not but I’ve never seen anyone talk about it so I consider it rather underrated. 

May contain spoilers 

I will be stating my opinion so if you don’t agree, please be polite and comment them.


Name: Hideout

Chapters: 9

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Tragedy, Seinen

Author: Masasumi Kakizaki

Status: completed



On an idyllic vacation island in the southern seas, a young couple is trying to overcome the death of their only son. But for Seiichi Kirishima, the husband, the trip has a different purpose altogether. He plans to kill his wife and dispose of her body deep inside the forest. However, when his plan goes awry and his wife manages to escape, Seiichi follows her into a dark cave, only to find himself trapped inside and soon hunted by a savage creature with an insatiable hunger for human flesh…

(Source; Mangarock)


My thoughts on first chapter

First chapter starts with our main character, Seiichi Kirishama. The story is told by Seiichi himself. He took his wife on a vacation in a certain island. He said the purpose of this vacation was to heal their wounds. That made me confused. He told his wife, Miki, there is a nice waterfall in the island and decided to take her there. While driving there we see they both start arguing. And while arguing Miki reveals that their son died and it’s all because of Seiichi.Anyways, After hearing that Seiichi lost it and decided to kill his wife and start a new life. He tried to kill her but she ran away and he followed her into a cave. In the cave he hit Miki with a wrench one more time. And then we see a monster like boy saying mama. To be honest I even thought maybe he is their son. I found this chapter really interesting and it made me question a lot of things: What happened to their son? Why is Miki blaming Seiichi? Why is Seiichi blaming Miki? Who is this monster like boy? Why is he calling Miki mama? 



Hideout is pretty short. It only has nine chapters so the whole thing took me one hour to finish. I must admit even though this manga is short it still amused me. Story revolves around Seiichi. A novel writer who we see is going into madness. Each chapter was like a puzzle, showing us what really happened and why Seiichi is losing it all. The flow of the story is a bit fast but that’s ok because it didn’t ruin the plot that much. Whole story was focused on Seiichi and his life. Other characters that were shown stayed a mystery and I wished we would get to see them more. Seiichi has lost everything he had. His job, his son, his family and basically everything he ever cared about. I talked about first chapter so now let’s get to rest of the story. While trying to get out of the cave Seiichi got lost. He was forced to stay there with the monster and that’s the moment he starts losing it. We start seeing flashbacks of his life and how everything got to this exact point and that’s one of the things I like about this manga. One thing that annoyed me was that I didn’t get to see more about other characters. Psychological aspect of this manga is amazing. Seiichi wanted to start a new life and he goes to any extent to do that. He even killed his wife’s family. I found this manga pretty interesting, specially the plot twists. I



As I said because this manga is short we didn’t find out about characters a lot. We mostly learned about Seiichi and his wife, Miki. I can’t really say I liked any of the characters but I can for sure say I hated Miki. Since this manga is short we don’t get to see their personalities but in the flashbacks I noticed Seiichi is a hardworking husband who does anything to make his family happy. Unlike him, his wife is really outgoing and likes to shop a lot. Character designs in this manga were good but nothing special. Seiichi was average. Mikii’s appearance was good. Monster and his son’s appearance were amazing as well. They were drawn in the ugliest way possible. I wish we could’ve seen more about the characters and learn more about their personality. Another thing that made me curious was Monster’s backstory which we didn’t get to see. 



Hideout’s art is stunning. Since the story is placed in nature. Everything is drawn in so much detail. The beach, the cave, the forest and etc. they all looked amazing and beautiful. Characters looked pretty good as well. Specially the monster and his son. Their face and body were drawn flawlessly. The Mangaka, Masasumi Kakizaki, has an amazing art style and his art had the power to make me have goosebumps. 



This manga has only one volume, nine chapters, and deserves way more attention. I haven’t see anyone talk about this or even recommend it. I recommend it to thriller and horror lovers.

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