Name: Nenene

Author: Otousan

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, slice of life

Supernatural, comedy, shounen

Chapters: 7

Status: Completed



In order to benefit their families, Koyuki (Age 16) was wed to Shin (Age 37). Despite the large age gap, both are exceedingly inexperienced in the matters of love, so they never quite know how to act around each other. To make matters worse, Shin is forbidden from being physically involved with Koyuki until she turns 20. In this environment, how will they form a proper husband-wife relationship? 

(Source; Mangarock)



As always, I found out about this manga through manga rock. A few weeks ago Mangarock recommended a group of mangas to me and I loved the topic, Age gap lovers. As a person who loves couples with an age gap, I clicked on the recommendation list way too fast. One of the mangas recommended was Nenene also known as “Ne ne no ne”. I didn’t read the synopsis before reading the whole manga and because of that, I got shocked when I started the first chapter. I thought the age gap is a maximum of 10 especially because of the beautiful art and how they look but NO! Their age gap is 21 years. I don’t mind that at all so I enjoyed reading the manga but if you’re not ok with age gap couples to stop reading my blog and don’t get near this manga. Anyways let’s get to the review. The story is about a 16-year-old girl named Koyuki and his husband Shin. Their romance is adorable and they don’t do anything husband and wife related 😉 if you know what I mean and that’s what it makes it a comedy. Shin has promised Koyuki’s father that he won’t lay a hand on Koyuki till she turns 20 and Koyuki, on the other hand, wants Shin to touch her, kiss her, hold her and etc. They’re adorable. This manga doesn’t really have a story. The whole manga is about their daily life and Koyuki wanting to see Shin’s face. Shin hides his face behind a mask because he doesn’t want to be possessed by yokais and demons. I seriously looked forward to seeing his face but what made me mad was that we never got to see his face. Like seriously, that’s the only reason I kept reading this manga. I also wanted to see them do ”couple stuff” but still. This manga had a lot of potentials to get more chapters and volumes but the author ended it in 7 chapters. We didn’t get to see anything. A bit of relationship development, no face revealing, no story. This is the reason why I don’t really like slice of life genre. Even though this manga had flaws it also had a lot of good points. Some parts were so adorable that I ended up smiling. Their daily life was funny and cute at the same time. The small touches of fantasy made this manga more lovable. I’ll talk about the fantasy and supernatural parts in the character section. Another thing that made me love this manga was that there was barely any cliche. I seriously dislike cliche romance mangas, I was waiting for a manga full of cliche lovey dovey stuff but I was wrong. This manga was really interesting and cute. 



Even though I haven’t see Shin’s face I can say he is hella hot. I have a thing for older guys *cough* anyways let’s talk about the characters. This manga has two main characters and the whole story revolves only around them, Shin and Koyuki. Shin is a 37-year-old virgin man who wore his mask as long as he could remember. At first, I thought he is a yokai or maybe some weirdo or maybe a demon or something like that but after reading the first few chapters I found out he is a human. But not a normal one, he can see yokais, ghosts, fairies, and any supernatural thing and because of that, he wears this mask to be safe from being possessed. The whole seven chapters I waited to see his face but nope they didn’t show us his hot damn face. He is amazing even with his mask ;-; I like his hairstyle. I can’t say anything about his appearance because I didn’t really notice anything. He has nice hair, a cute mask and is always seen wearing a yukata, that’s all. I did enjoy his appearance especially his fox mask. I seriously adore foxes and that made me adore Shin. What made Shin more lovable was his behavior and mind. Since he is a virgin and has zero Love experiment, he kept acting weird toward Koyuki. He kept patting Koyuki’s Head, no kisses, basically nothing. The only cute coupley thing they did was holding hands. That moment was hella adorable as well. I wish we could see more of Shin’s past and why he can see creatures or why he had to marry Koyuki, a normal human girl 20 years younger than him or why he is a virgin till 37. I have a lot of question and none of them was answered. I wish we could at least see a kiss? Or maybe his face? Anyways let’s move on to Koyuki. Koyuki is a normal 16-year-old girl who also doesn’t have any love experience. She has purplish hair and eyes and looks really cute. Most people mistake her for Shin’s maid and that makes her mad. I seriously loved her and how she acted. Even though she was shy, she kept asking for kisses, dates, hugs and basically anything. Just like Shin, we only see her with a Yukata. One of my favorite moments them was when Shin went to bath and Koyuki was curious about his face so she sneaked in to see his face but fell down and when Shin came out to see what happened he had a cloth on his face. Basically, even Koyuki never saw his face. Another adorable thing about this couple was that Shin kept seeing Koyuki as an adorable bunny. 



The first thing that caught my attention was how beautiful the characters are. Their eyes, hair, clothes and basically everything looked detailed and beautiful. I seriously loved how the expressions were drawn. Some parts Koyuki turned chibi which made it more adorable and funny. One thing that caught my attention was that our two main characters were really detailed but the rest of the characters were rushed. Even sceneries were rushed, The houses, clothes, etc. The lines for our two main characters were so smooth and they hold a lot of passion. Mangakas usually don’t draw the background characters and that bugs me. We don’t see other characters a lot but I still wish in their small-time they were shown beautifully. Other than that, Nenene art is gorgeous. The act that the artist of Nenene is Horimiya’s artist made me super happy. Everything about their art is gorgeous and admirable. 



Overall this manga is worth the read. Nenene is a short manga so it won’t take long and it doesn’t get deep to annoy people who hate age gap couples. Basically, everyone can read this manga and enjoy this goofy couple. The art is beautiful and the characters are really interesting. Characters had beautiful appearances and their daily life was full of love and joy. I wish we could know more about Shin’s past, life, and face. Other than that I seriously enjoyed reading this manga. 

Read the manga and tell me your thoughts 😉 

Bye Bye!

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