Hosaka Taihei is a handsome medical examiner and he just switched jobs…to be a nursery teacher!! It’s the first time he’s experiencing difficulty in keeping a conversation with two years old. Isn’t it cute to see an evil faced new nursery teacher? The start of a complex love begins in kindergarten!

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Name: Hosaka-sensei no Ai no Muchi

Chapters: 12

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shoujo

Author: Haruko Kuromatani

Status: Completed 

I found about this manga from Pinterest. I was searching Gakuen babysitter on Pinterest since I adore the babies in it and I saw a picture of this manga. Hosaka-Sensei no Ai no Muchi is my first shoujo manga and I think I’m actually moved. I didn’t think I would actually love this manga this much but I actually fell in love with it. Hosaka-Sensei no Ai no Muchi has 3 volumes(12 chapters) and the truth is what amazed me was that each chapter was actually long. At first, I thought” ok 12 chapters? That’ll probably take 30-45 minutes” but I was wrong this took me two hours. Don’t judge me. Yaoi manga with 200-300 pages takes me 45-60 minutes so I thought any other manga will be read fast too. The story revolves around a girl named, Kawai Karen. Since a young age, she always dreamed of becoming a nursery teacher and because of her evil looking face every kid is afraid of her. The rest of the manga is about her and how kids get to love her. At least that’s what I thought. The story itself wasn’t anything special but what made it special was Karen’s colleague, Hosaka Sensei. With Hosaka Sensei the manga got more interesting and romance he brought made me read the whole manga in one go. 

What made this romance manga be different and pretty cute was the babies. They were really adorable. And they actually made this manga 1000x funnier. They all cried whenever they saw Kawai sensei’s face and the way they talked was really cute. Shenshei 

We get to know a few kids and their relationships. We even see how pure and innocent kids are. How they think and how they cry over one small picture book or not receiving a sorry. (I’m probably still a 2-year-old baby cause when I don’t receive apologize even I cry😂 ) what I seriously liked was that the last chapter author showed us the future. Those kids all grew up and graduated high school. They were still together and now they were couples and thanks to their nursery school teachers they knew what they want to do for their future. It showed how important nursery teachers are and how they can impact one’s future. I seriously loved the ending. 

I did find one flaw though. The ending felt rushed. We didn’t see our main couple marry or anything and Kawai told Hosaka that she plans to have two kids but in the end not only we didn’t see any kids but just one artwork. In the artwork, we see Kawai and Hosaka only have one kid and I’m curious what the name of the baby is. Why is it only one? Basically, I’m saying we could have had another volume. A volume just about our main characters and their wedding. I wanted to see Karen in a wedding dress. 


Hosaka-sensei no Ai no Muchi has really interesting characters. Putting aside the babies we have 7 characters. 3 kindergarten teachers, one kindergarten principle, Kawai’s dad and sister, Hosaka‘s Senpai.  I won’t talk about minor characters because they aren’t that important. Let’s start with Kawai and her family. 

In the manga we see Kawai’s sister and dad. We don’t get to know where her mom is. Is she dead? Is she divorced? Kawai has his father’s Devilish look and he is against Kawai and Hosaka’s marriage because he believes Hosaka is handsome and handsome boys are dangerous. He is how any father is. And I actually liked him. We don’t see him a lot but how he started liking Hosaka was funny. His appearance isn’t anything worth mentioning. Kawai’s sister, on the other hand, is really beautiful. She seems to be a blonde and is actually famous. I also liked her personality. She is really kind and loves Karen with all her heart. She tries to make her father approve of the marriage. She also helped Karen with her dates. She is a sweetheart. 

Kawai’s appearance is really dull. She has a devilish face and has zero love experience. From a young age, she kept being rejected because of her face. We also see she doesn’t have any friends. What I love about Kawai is her determination to become a nursery teacher and that’s all because she used to have a nursery teacher who she loved. She believed she is the person she is because of him. Even though every baby cries whenever they see Kawai she still tries hard to win their hearts and actually loves the kids. Kawai is a really lovable character and she does anything she can to help babies. 

The most interesting character to me was Hosaka Sensei. He used to be a coroner and because of that death is something normal to him. He is mostly seen with an emotionless face. And because of that I seriously love his smile. He rarely smiles but whenever he does he makes my heart skip a beat. He believes everyone can converse; even with babies, animals and dead people. He believes no one should lie to babies even if they ask him to marry them he replies with “you’re underage so I decline.” He is mostly considered cold-hearted but because of his appearance, he is still loved by all. He is a blond man who wears glasses and has a fit body. He doesn’t care about appearance so when people call him attractive he doesn’t like it. I really liked his appearance and personality. He even made the manga funnier. When she told Kawai he likes her, unlike others, he actually said he wants to marry her and he even showed his naked body to her which made her scream. 

Hosaka believes dying alone is the worst thing that can happen to people and when his father died he thought he thought he was all alone but then he found a box full of baby pics and his students. He noticed his father wasn’t alone and actually he was loved by love and that made him want to become a nursery teacher. Even though he is a weirdo and a bit scary he still managed to be loved by everyone. 

I really love his character and his personality made me love this manga. His bluntness made me go from wtf to awe or awe to wtf and that made this manga survive the cliche shoujo genre. 

The art of this manga didn’t catch my attention. The cover of the manga wasn’t anything gorgeous to make you read it ASAP. I just happened to see a screencap of the babies of the manga and that caught my attention. Even though the cover wasn’t attractive the rest of the manga actually was. The characters especially the babies and male characters were drawn pretty smooth and beautifully. The anatomy of the characters, their hair and their expressions are drawn perfectly. Especially the babies’ expressions. Their face whenever they saw Kawai sensei was priceless. The sceneries and backgrounds weren’t that detailed. The lines looked so smooth and they held a lot of passion especially the romantic scenes. They were drawn detailed and smoothly. No part felt rushed to me. The male characters were designed pretty beautifully, not in a weird way, especially Hosaka Sensei. Hosaka was really cute and handsome. His build and hair were really charming. Another thing that caught my attention other than the hairs were the hands, they were drawn flawlessly. I seriously loved the art.


Altogether everything looked pretty good. The story was fun and cute. Characters were lovable and I really loved Hosaka’s personality. Babies were drawn pretty well and they actually made this manga more lovable. The art was average and romantic scenes were pretty admirable. I recommend this manga to people who like shoujo, romance, and babies. It’s totally worth the read.

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