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Name: Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto.

Episodes: 12

Genre: comedy, seinen, slice of life

Studio: studio Deen 

Status: completed



The story is centered around the incredibly cool and popular Sakamoto: a flawless genius who is well-liked by girls in his class. Despite the strange situations he may be in, normally consisting of pranks set up by the envious male population of the school, Sakamoto always manages to emerge in absolute perfection and as a result, makes himself seem even cooler! Many of his actions end with a big laugh for the reader.

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” Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto” also known as “Sakamoto desu ga? “ is about a super cool boy named Sakamoto. Not only is he handsome, talented and clever, he also does everything in a stylish way. Because of his awesomeness, every girl loves him and boys hate him. But we are talking about Sakamoto, he doesn’t care about girls and love so he actually keeps boys on his side. Sakamoto desu ga? has 12 episodes and each episode has 2-3 mini-stories about the daily life of Sakamoto. This anime isn’t like any other comedy anime I’ve seen. As a person who doesn’t laugh easily this show made it hard to breath between the punch line of each joke! It’s not as funny as Gintama but it’s still funny enough to make you watch the whole thing.

This anime isn’t just funny, it’s pretty wacky too! Some parts had me so confused but intrigued, I just stared at the screen like “wtf is that?” “What just happened?” “What?” I don’t even know how I finished the series but that’s the exact power Sakamoto possesses. I appreciate the fact that the main character isn’t a loser; he’s actually just an odd and cool character! That alone makes it worth watching. This anime itself doesn’t have a main plot. It’s all built up with the side stories from each episode. In some episodes different boys and delinquents try to outdo him and hurt him. Other episodes are of girls, moms, or even teachers trying to get with him. Each mini-story focuses on Sakamoto and his ability to handle each situation. And somewhere along the line, he somewhat manages to get the respect of those around him, especially the delinquents.

Sakamoto’s character is really strange. He has conversations with birds, acts out kinda strangely and just pins it all on his “secret techniques”. However all his quirkiness makes his character very enjoyable! As for the comedy, some parts went WAY over my head and I just couldn’t understand it. Other parts were I actually understood the joke were very enjoyable. One of my favorite mini-stories was a segment were the mother of Sakamoto’s friend falls in love with him and tries diligently to get him. That episode was hella weird, funny, and kinda dumb but worth watching. There was another episode I got a good laugh at as well. It was when a bee came in the class and all the boys got naked to be safe. One of the handsome guys who I actually thought was a model turned out to have a chubby body! Overall the story is funny and worth a watch. Another thing I loved about Sakamoto desu ga? Were the side characters which made this show funnier. I’ll talk about them in the character section.



Let’s start with Sakamoto, our main character. He is cool, cooler, the coolest. He is mostly seen wearing his school uniform and glasses. He’s tall and has dark hair and eyes. He is quite attractive and attracts girls easily. His personality is quite amusing. He rarely talks, he is always calm and strikes weird poses and techniques. What I seriously love about him is his looks, especially without glasses. He is a complete hottie!! Some parts he reminded me of Sebastian from Black Butler. Without his glasses, his eyes are shown clearer and he looks way cool. Every time I saw him without glasses I smiled like an idiot. 😆 He’s just too handsome! 

Another thing I love about him is that he goes out of his way to be kind and helpful towards his “enemies”. They try to hurt him but he still manages to stay nice. My favorite episode of him was the episode he went missing in summer and delinquents kept looking for him!

Even though this anime is focused on comedy and random stories we still see character developments for Sakamoto. At the beginning of the anime, Sakamoto didn’t have any friends but one by one he made friends and that was nice to see. We have side characters too. We have 2nd years, 3rd years, delinquents and classmates. I seriously love Aina and delinquents character development. Aina is one of Sakamoto’s classmates. She is beautiful and boys love her but she likes Sakamoto and tries to win his affection. She started as a kind, princess-like character but then we see she is only like that to boys and actually is mean to girls. With the help of a Fox spirit that possessed Sakamoto, she helped two girls and actually showed them she is not a girl and is actually pretty strong. She even fought a yeti!!

The delinquents’ episodes were the funniest. They see that every girl loves Sakamoto so they try to bully him but they fail miserably. Sakamoto saves them from a fire and they start respecting him. We later see they’re actually kind and love bubbles 😂. This anime is filled with these sorts of character developments. And I actually like the characters of this anime. They’re weird, funny and actually enjoyable. 


Art and Animation

The animation is amazing and in HD. Because of that Sakamoto and other characters look better than other animes. Sceneries are detailed and I really like them. Some parts are animated to look like watercolor which I thought fit the atmosphere. Unlike other animations, I found this anime rather detailed. Even classmates are detailed. You rarely see anything simplified or rushed. I adore Sakamoto’s character design, especially his eyes. And I love the delinquents’ design. They look funny and weird which makes the show better. Characters’ facial expressions were dawn flawlessly, they added to the comedy factor a lot. 



O M G — I seriously love the opening. I listened to it every episode. It’s catchy and makes you actually want to sing along, even though I don’t understand a thing! The opening was a great choice and actually hyped me to start the anime. The opening is “Cool” by CustomiZ. Unlike the opening, I didn’t like the ending at all. The ending was soft, slow and actually made me yawn. Maybe it’s their way to finish each episode but I still liked the opening. The background music goes well with Sakamoto and it fits perfectly. And about the videos. The ending has a yellow-orangish theme and it shows Sakamoto and different pictures of the school, his surroundings and etc. it wasn’t anything special and it’s actually something I forgot easily. The opening, on the other hand, was colorful and really energetic. We see Sakamoto doing strange things in different colors. 



This anime is pretty random and doesn’t have a proper plot but it’s still amusing and funny. I usually dislike slice of life anime but this one actually kept me interested. Characters are funny, lovable, and interesting. They also have development so that makes it even better. The art is high quality and pretty detailed. I especially love the way Sakamoto’s eyes are presented. The soundtracks suit the anime pretty well. I really liked the opening but didn’t really like the ending. Overall this anime is worth a watch especially if you like comedy!

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