This is my thoughts on the anime, I haven’t read the manga yet!

May contain spoilers 


Name: ReLife

Episodes: 13 + 4 ova 

Genre: Slice of life, Romance, school, comedy 

Studio: TMS entertainment 

Status: completed



Arata Kaizaki is a 27-year-old NEET who is unable to find stable work. One night he meets Ryo Yoake from the ReLIFE Laboratory who offers him participation in the ReLIFE Project. … Ryo explains to Arata that ReLIFE is an opportunity for him to relive his youth in an attempt to change his current self.

(source; Wikipedia) 



Unlike most anime that the characters goes back in time to change their life, ReLife sent the main character to present day high school disguised as his young self. The first episode started with the main character, Arata, who had given up on life. Arata was going back home down and hopeless, all of sudden some random guy, Yoake, came up to him knowing his full employment history. Yoake, from Relief, offered him living expenses in exchange for being a test subject for a pill that makes you look ten years younger. He accepted Just because his living expenses would be covered for an entire year with the possibility of a job afterward. The first episode made me think this anime is a sci-fi, But it was actually a slice of life anime. The whole story of Relife wasn’t just about the main character, Arata. In high school he made friends and the anime even revolves around them and showed backstories of them. Each one of them had a story to themselves and that was something rare for me. Supporting characters rarely get attention in anime so this side of this anime made me love it more. With the way the story was, I thought it’s something like Orange but I was wrong. Arata wasn’t back in high school to make his life and grades better. He was there to help the other students. The pace of the anime was great and it didn’t make me feel like it needs more. The only thing that made me sad and kinda interested to read the manga was the fact after the experiment everyone would forget him.

The comedy aspect of this anime was on point and amazing. I especially laughed at Chizuru’s awkward and evil looking smile.she just couldn’t smile. In the entire show, she tried but failed horribly which made me adore her more. Another comedy part was Oga, I’ll talk about him in the character section, he just couldn’t believe he loves his friend, Rena. When Arata told him he loves her, he said “I love everyone” which made me die out of laughter. 

ReLife wasn’t flawless. Even though the plot was unique and good, I found some parts out of place. Arata’s backstory on how he gave up on life was a bit weird? Idk how to say it. He worked an office job where everyone was evil except his mentor, who committed suicide because she was bullied by those evil colleagues. That was really weak and out of place. Then there’s a bunch of episodes, 3 to 4, focused on the two sports girls in the group which wasn’t needed and Lastly, the ending. The ending wasn’t in the 13 episodes and it took place in the 4-episode OVA. Which was a let down because Ovas were rushed and the art wasn’t as good. The anime series of 13 episodes only adapt about half of the manga, so we need another season but they decided to do the rest of the manga in 4 Ovas. Other than these I didn’t find anything else a flaw. The whole plot was unique and interesting to make me binge watch the show. 



The best part of Relife was its characters. Relife characters were all lovable and enjoyable. My favorite character was Oga even though he was a supportive character. On the other hand, I liked Chizuru too. Chizuru was an awkward yet smart girl who had difficulty making friends and as I mentioned in the story section she has a terrifying smile, which I loved. The characters of this anime were really unique and completely different than other slices of life characters. They each had a problem to overcome before year’s end and that made them special. I’ll talk about some of the characters. Let’s start with the main character; Arata.

I really liked Arata’s character. He was one of the best main characters I’ve seen. He had a lot of character development which made me like him more. He went from someone seeking what to do next to someone handing out advice. With shows like these, I expected to see drama regarding his secret or all the girl liking him. Fortunately, none of these happened. His secret stayed hidden and no one except for Chizuru fell for him. That was a relief. His character designs weren’t anything special, it was average and it didn’t really bug me.

Chizuru; the girl fans love. She is the class representative for girls and she gets high scores. She is also Kairu Rena’s rival when it comes to testing scores. I like Rena more, to be honest. Hishiro was hands down, my favorite character in this show. Her personality was a bit weird at first. She didn’t make friends and never smiled. But later we see why she is like this so I started to be ok with her personality. As a child she moved a lot so every time she made friends, she had to leave them. This caused her to seal off her emotions and not try to make friends. But when she meets Arata, she felt the need to better herself. Her attempts to smile looked creepy as hell but really funny. She was definitely an amazing character. Just like Arata her appearance and design were average.

Now let’s talk about my favorite female character, Rena. She is a member of the school’s volleyball club and is very cold to those who approach her. She tries hard to be number one, but she keeps failing. And I really feel for her… she really does her best but never achieves the things she wants such as becoming class representative or captain of the volleyball team. She feels and has kinda accepted the fact that no matter how hard she tries, she is never recognized. The reason why she became my favorite is because of her hard work. Just like other characters, she had character development and I loved that. Her appearance was more to my liking than the Chizuru and Arata and her earring made me adore her and Oga. They pierced their ears together both have one ear pierced and in my opinion, make the cutest couple.

An onoya, a transfer student who is an idiot. As I said before Arata forgot everything he learned in high school and kept getting the lowest mark. He felt no one can possibly be worse but An proved him wronged. She scored lower than him and that kept making the comedy aspect funnier and funnier. These two will run into each other often when doing their makeup exams and they start hanging out. Her character design wasn’t anything special and her personality isn’t shown that much. So I don’t know anything else about her.

My most favorite character, Kazuomi Oga. He is the class representative for male students. Once he saw Arata horrible test scores, he offered to help tutor him. Through this study, Oga and Arata end up becoming good friends. Oga’s character was average at first, but when his character development started I fell for him. At some point, he realized his feelings for Rena and came to Arata for advice. Oga’s character is the very definition of a supporting character. Oga was with Arata every step of the way. however, unlike most support characters, Oga got something in the end as well; a relationship. We rarely see support characters get their own development. The fact that this happened to Ota made me love this show more. I really love his personality and help he is. He cares deeply for others. His appearance was my favorite. His blonde hair made him stand out and every time I saw him I smiled like an idiot.


Art and Animation

The character designs looked cute and lovable but nothing special. They all had the same uniform, different hair colors so we tell them apart and adorable amazing eyes. The eyes were one of the best parts of this anime. The animation wasn’t anything special either, but it wasn’t bad. I felt that it was just standard and they were done smoothly. The backgrounds looked nice and detailed. The animation wasn’t anything special.  Another factor I liked was the chibis. They were dawn flawlessly and they added to the comedy factor. As I said before, the Ova’s looked rushed and the art wasn’t the same or good enough. It was like they didn’t have an art budget. They replaced unnamed characters with silhouettes at school which I really disliked.



The ost, original soundtrack, matched the anime perfectly. The voice acting was pretty good especially; Arata and Oga voice actors did amazing. What I found unusual and unique was Relife’s ending. It has different ending song each episode. And this made me love the show more. And some endings were done by famous and amazing bands.

Chemistry; fourth opening for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. 

Revolution;  Gundam series, D.Gray-man and Darker Than BLACK. 

What made me a bit shocked and down was after all these amazing bands the ending of episode 12 was a song already used in the ending of Watamote years ago.



Watch it. Relife is worth watching for sure. The story was not what I expected and it was unique. It had flaws but was still perfectly good. The characters are what make you want to see each episode and they were lovely. The ost and soundtracks were good and catchy. The art and Animation were good especially the chibis. Overall I recommend this anime to everyone it’s full of lessons and life experiences.

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